Do You Really Need A Property Manager For Rentals? Find Here!


Individual home and property owners are often apprehensive about hiring professional help for managing their properties. After all, if you have just one property, why would want a manager in the first place? It’s all about finding a tenant, isn’t it? Nope! The role of a property management company like Keyrenter extends beyond that. no matter whether you own one or several properties, you would want a team that can manage your rentals and ensure profits, for a fee.

  • Getting the top dollar. For many property owners, getting the right rent for their property is the biggest challenge, because they are not professionals. In fact, many of them don’t have any idea of the local rental rates.
  • No more vacant rentals. You wouldn’t want your rental to be vacant for months. If you have a good management company at work, they will ensure that the gap between finding tenants is never more than 30 days.
  • Retain your tenants. Another big reason to hire a property management company is to retain your tenants. When tenants get quick support, help and response, they don’t often like to change homes now and then, for no solid reason. Once you have handed over the keys to the property manager, tenants will be dealing with him/her, and not you.

  • Getting tenant screening done. This is another aspect that matters for the safety of your home. Besides the basic background check, property managers also check if the tenants are qualified, so that your home is maintained well, and there are no unwanted risks to worry about.
  • For marketing. Marketing rental properties requires effort, and besides the basic task of finding tenants, property management companies also take charge of promotion and ensure that your listing gets the right kind of exposure.

Finding a property management company

When you look for property managers, make sure that you consider their experience in your area and what they can bring to the table, besides handling your property and finding tenants. As the owner, you should have the least amount of tension as possible with regards to the rental, and the price paid to the property manager in form of fee should justify that. You can ask the company about properties they are managing in your area, and get references too. Just hire a team that knows what property management is all about, especially for homes and rentals like yours.

In today’s digital age, we are seeing the rise of property valuation firms. These firms have a reputation for producing high-quality and accurate valuations. Try this out to know more about them.