Top Issues to Keep in Mind When Managing a Homeowners Association



If you’re considering entering the management business, you’ll need to know about homeowner associations (HOAs) and their laws. As a scottsdale hoa management companies manager, it’s your job to ensure that all members follow the governing documents and uphold the community rules. Here are common issues HOA managers deal with daily and how to effectively deal with them so that your community remains harmonious and productive.

Collecting Member Dues

I hear this is one of the most common tasks homeowners associations have to do. The way it works is you collect dues from members and use that money for projects throughout the community. With technology, however, it’s so much easier than ever before! There are many ways you can go about collecting dues. You could create an online system where people enter their information and pay with a credit card or PayPal account. It may seem like more work at first, but think about how easy it will be to process payments without having to worry about sending out reminders or chasing down late payments!

Hiring Managers and Supervisors

The managers and supervisors that you hire should be able to handle any questions or concerns that are brought up. There is nothing worse than being unable to answer questions because it means you’re not able-minded enough or didn’t do your research. It also looks bad for the company if they can’t provide answers on the spot! It can make it seem like your managers aren’t prepared for each potential scenario, which could make homeowners think twice about working with you.

Increasing Membership

In order to become and remain compliant with state laws, it is imperative that you stay up-to-date on new legislation, as well as potential changes to your HOA’s governing documents. Changes typically affect all members of the association, so do not forget about those who cannot attend meetings or read through all their emails.


In conclusion, homeowners associations are an important part of the community. You should be willing to commit the time and energy necessary for this position. There are many responsibilities that come with managing an HOA. There is no one right way to do it, but there are some things you can do better than others when it comes to making sure your HOA is running smoothly. Hope this post has been helpful!