Understanding Virginia Real Estate Termite & Moisture  


Termite infestations cause billions of dollars in damage to homes each year. It is such a problem in Virginia, that the law requires a termite moisture inspection as part of every real estate transaction. Pest control companies are typically the entity that performs these inspections. In this post, we will discuss more on what Virginia termite moisture inspections are all about.

How Are Termite Moisture Inspections Performed?

Real estate prices are largely determined by the actual condition of the property. Discovering a termite infestation or serious mold or wood rot issue will definitely influence the selling price or stop the deal from completing unless the seller resolves them.

You need to call a professional pest exterminator experienced in and listing termite moisture inspections as part of their services. They will rely on tools and visual signs to find the possible signs of termites and moisture damage.

Although all areas of a home are inspected, the primary source of termite and mold problems is found in a home’s foundation crawl space. Inspectors from the company also look for signs of water leaks, wood rot and mold from exposure to excessive water or moisture under the house. ,  .

The termite moisture inspector then provides a Wood Destroying Insect Form NPMA-33 to either the buying or selling real estate agent – whichever ordered it for their client to have on record as being performed.

Besides termites, the Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) report will also mention other pests, such as carpenter ants.   The whole inspection typically takes only about an hour to 90 minutes.

 Why Termite Moisture Inspections are Critical

For buying a new home, a termite moisture inspection is absolutely critical, even if the seller claims that the property is not infested by wood destroying insects and pests. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in repairs after buying the home. For sellers, termite moisture inspection reports are useful for selling the house. In case any signs of infestation are found, they can do the repairs and get a second inspection done, before selling the home at a better price.   It helps both buyers and sellers, and also the agents who are promoting listings.

Final word

If you have called the right pest control company, they will also offer advice on fixing the problems, such as water leaks and increase in termite activity. Their first job in case of an inspection is, however, to offer comprehensive reports with all necessary details, which are extensively required for buying and selling homes in Virginia.